Skills Tip of the Week

Getting up and over steep rocks

Rock StepsGetting up over big rocks and steps is a matter of timing your weight shift and pedaling hard at the right point. For the weight shift, think if it  kind of like stepping up on a rock without a bike. Your body leans slightly back to put your foot on the rock, then leans forward to step up. You do something similar with the bike. Move your weight back slightly to unweight the front wheel to let it roll it up on the rock. Then, stand up out of the saddle, over center of the bike in order to decrease weight in the rear tire, and “step” on the pedal. You’ll need to be in a big gear to propel the bike the rest of the way up with just one or two pedal strokes. In this photo, the rider is just about to stand up on the pedal and crank. Oh, and more critical thing…. don’t look down at the rocks, LOOK AHEAD!

Now, the going down tip is for next week…