Mountain Bike Camping Tours


Come and join us to experience some of the best riding and camping anywhere in the world… 

With the amazing diversity and beauty of the Arizona desert mountain biking terrain, AZ Mountain Biking will plan an adventure that will be one of the best. You can leave the planning to us and just enjoy the experience! We will help you make the most out of your valuable time, by arranging the trails, the bikes, camp gear and camp set-up!


There are tours and rides by request and customized for all levels, for individuals, families, corporate groups, and groups of friends. Just tell us a little bit about your riding experiences, if any, and we will design the ride or tour that suites you best. There are bike rentals available to minimize your trip planning, or bring your own –  whichever works best for you.


Our camping tours have become one of our most popular choices. With mild winter temperatures, camping can be comfortable here in the AZ desert from October through May.

We provide bikes and ALL your camping gear, including your choice of food from our diverse menu. Our camping locations include the Black Canyon Trail System (for advanced riders only), and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, the most versatile for ALL levels of riders including families with children!


Please call as 602-448-9567 for all the details and we can get started planning your epic Mountain Bike Camping Tour!