Learn To Flow Intermediate to Advanced Skills Clinics

DSC_1710“I saw no bicycle, no human body, heard barely a sound, but it moved through the shadows of the trail, flowing up and down the hills, as if it didn’t touch the ground at all.”


Finding that special feeling of effortlessly gliding along the trail has not so much to do with the type of terrain as it does the skills of the rider. Understanding how to work your body with the bike, the terrain and the gravity, whether it’s up or down, is what makes it all flow together. This starts with understanding and improving the different techniques needed for various trails surfaces, and how to use our eyes and our body-weight shift to handle whatever the trails serves up! So come and improve your Flow in this skills training class!

“I’ve been mountain biking for quite some time and I gotta say I got a lot of great information from Amy at the Learn to Flow Clinic. Thanks so much and I look forward to some more lessons, tips and advice!” -David



Group Cost (min group size 4): $85


Please email us or call 602-448-9567 for more info.