AZ Mountain Biking Store


Welcome to the AZ Mountain Biking Store! We’ve got riding tops for guys and gals, hats, decals and unique bike chain jewelry.


We know how to make mountain biking fun… and when it comes mountain bike clothes, we are all about being comfy and yet having the benefit of high performance materials. So we picked our riding tops for fit, function, and of course, to look awesome! Our logo design is simple, and shows your passion for Arizona mountain biking with saguaro cactus and MTB Kokopelli.

Our hats and caps are great for post ride helmet head – or anytime. We’ve also made decals for your SUV, truck, car, or bike rack. Add in ChainWear, up-cycled chain bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings, and we’ve got you covered from head to foot!


These items are made to order, and the prices are at cost plus shipping. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Contact us directly for a custom logo color request, or any other requests or questions.




All of these tops are made with 100% high performance wicking fabric. There are two fabrics, one that feels like cotton  – but it’s not, and the other is a smooth satin fabric, just like a typical bike jersey. Both are cool, comfortable, move when you do but retain their shape and are great for riding, hiking, or just hanging out.




Gals incredibly versatile top, this 100% wicking material feels and looks like cotton… but it’s not! Cool, comfy, dry and holds it’s shape.  Awesome for riding (my favorite!) but wear for anything! In our standout color, Bright Yellow/Lime! Slim fit. $28

Stephanie in Bright Lime-Yellow

Stephanie rocking the bright yellow/lime jersey during our ride on the Maricopa Trail





Electric Blue with Lime

Our most popular, the unisex riding shirt, Made with 100% performance material with a smooth satin finish (cycling jersey material). With ample room in the shoulders this top works any activity, in bright Electric Blue!


Megan and Curtis, riding at the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve. They both love the smooth, bright blue jersey




Guys 100% poly top that is soooo cool and comfy, with roomy shoulders for range of motion –  it’ll be your go-to top for many activities. $28


Carl just finished a bootcamp workout in his Guys Grey jersey. Versatility!





Original Knockout Red

A personal favorite, this Knockout Red top is another “feels like cotton but it’s not” . Ride, hike, relax, it just might become your favorite top too! And by the way, RED IS IN. Slim fit.


And me, Amy, in my favorite Knockout Red, matches the decals on my fav bike, Spot!




Lime Yellow with Original Graphics

Here’s alternate design for our gals bright yellow/lime top! You’ll love the feel of this wicking material that looks and feels just like cotton! Slim fit.


Here’s the Knockout Red with alternate design and colors! Slim fit



More Stuff… Casual Tops for Gals and AZMB Decals!


This fun, flowy tank is a cotton blend, breezy and comfy!

Brown Tank Graphics 

Charcoal TankHeathery, feathery top with fuchsia or white accents.

Charcoal Tank Graphics


AZMB Decal

Nuff said!



Hats n’ Caps

Signature Colors AZMB Hat

Our twill, one-size, low profile hats are beautifully embroidered, this one with our signature AZMB colors!

Tan/Stone AZMB Hat


Cool, simple, tan/stone colored twill hat that says it all.



Gals, check out out stylish, bio-washed 100% chino twill goes anywhere you go.


ChainWear! Unique, custom made jewelry for guys and gals!

Show your passion for the bike – or simply wear it for it’s unique design. ChainWear jewelry is for guys and gals made from recycled chains. Bracelets, anklets and necklaces are all hand-made by Arizona mountain biker and designer Amy Regan. The chains are donated by local riders and shops, then cleaned and polished and splashes of accent color are added. Choose your own colors that fits your style best. There are two sizes, and the sturdy, rounded leather cord gives a natural look while allowing for adjustments for size





Red and Orange with Silver

ChainWear Original. Select your size and choice of accent colors.

Double Up

The Double Up, a bold two-chain style! Pick your size and colors.

Single Link

ChainWear’s Single Link Style, for a lighter look.


For more ChainWear options such as earrings and necklaces, go to the ChainWear website.